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There are times in which I wish I was a psycopath, didn’t care about any social standards and so forth and simply take a gun and shoot all these mother fucking yuppies down.
Oh no but then I think they have families, friends and people who are fucked up enough so to love and care for them, I ask myself who am I to decide whether they live or die and all those things.
Fuck me and my morality.
Fuck it all.

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“ Und wenn du etwas ändern willst, dann bist du automatisch Terrorist ”

—    Die Ärzte, deine Schuld


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La delgada línea entre la depresión y la ansiedad.

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fma week: day thirteen { AU v song lyrics }
did you stand too close to the fire
like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone?
- 21 guns

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