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Running through eternity fields



By Frank Verro

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EN LA VIDA me voy a olvidar de eso, mi reverenda. (?) El viernes te espero para dárnosla en la pera, Solomon style! ;) <3
RIGHT ON MATEEEEEYYYY! prometo no hacerte quedar mal con tus amigos :P

Achtung, achtung everyone! Today is September 1st which means today is monintimegenocide's 28th birthday!! This guy is one of the best and coolest persons I've ever met and we've been friends since 2006, time does indeed fly!
I hope you’re having an awesome day and please do never forget: VOS SOS EL QUE ME FIRMA EL FOTOLOG!!


Las ideas nunca mueren

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“ we men of cold politeness
shall never melt into that kindness of yours
no matter how we try ”

—    Rome, we who fell in love with the sea

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Heart Explode

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